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TIME I 1​.​5

by Wintersun

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Sons of Winter and Stars I Rain of Stars Behold the rain of stars - The awakening of darkened skies Falling from the dark - The symphony of dying lights Behold the rain of stars - The blazing fire came pouring down Falling from the dark - And life and death became unbound Sons of winter and stars - Rise! Sons of winter and stars - Rise! Sons of winter and stars! Rise! Rise! Fly with us through the darkness Sons of winter and stars! Rise! Rise! And we shall embrace the stars And we shall open the doors of time II Surrounded by Darkness I have awaken the darkness Taste the fear! Taste the pain! I am the one who seeks vengeance Into the darkness we fly Into the shadows they hide Into the darkness we fly They will never survive, they'll die Oh they will die! I sacrifice everything, just for one moment I throw away everything that matters to me the most I'm flying through the darkness The fire casts a shadow on me I tear a part of my heart for creation of dimensions And we fly beyond the restless shadows We fly beyond the stars We fly beyond the birth of the worlds So old I've become - Thousand years staring into emptiness But now I realize - That it was just an illusion All this time I thought it was you that would save the sun Oh rain comes and washes the hate away Now I am at the crossroads with questions Somewhere, someday I will find what I am here for Who am I III Journey Inside a Dream I'm wondering now where will you take me From the horizon the light comes alive Into the mountains high we set our way Will we find our way in this long winter night I see the land of fading sun and rising mountains And I finally feel that I've found my home But oh, how it feels so cold when my dreams wither in fragments of time Revealing that this land will die Before the winds so cold The world was shattered in the fragments of time Before the autumn rains The coldness will again awake Falling snow, so soft and cold Dying moon cast down so weak Frozen lake, the dancing spirits Calling me to join in the cosmic dream The silence is tempting me now... IV Sons of Winter and Stars We are the Sons of Winter and Stars We've come from a far beyond time Forever the fire burns in our hearts Our world shall never die In the arms of the wind we ride till dawn As the waves of the ocean grind so strong We wander in the stars until we're gone Our fate is sealed by eternal sun Until we fade away - Fate will find it's way Until we drift into the dark It's not too late to find a way - Fate will find it's way And fly in cold embrace of stars Mysteries of time Unfolding in cosmic dreams Leaving life and death meaningless Before the revelation of infinity Embrace the stars! The energy flows in me like a river of stars I'm surrounded by the circle of fire, but eternal ice has frozen my heart I'm lost in the pathways of time But now the time has come for us! We are the Sons of Winter and Stars!
Land of Snow and Sorrow Far away there's a land of snow and sorrow Time has made the frozen tears fall like rain from the starlit sky And I feel so cold, I can´t make it tomorrow Oh, but the night will see where this path will lead my life Endless field of snow at the edge of the world and the wailing Winds so cold scar my face, I'm going insane I am lost from the light - And the memories follow me in the night I'm left in the arms of winter and I am carried far away - Far away Night is falling over my home The land of snow and sorrow, oh carry me away from the cold And I fall asleep, I will dream the last dream All I was, is gone now and sorrow is all I feel And the white snow is falling from the starlit sky And the stars are shining like your eyes You are so beautiful And I will follow them in this cold winter night So I'd find my way to you this time Drifting away from the warmth of the darkness Caressed by the light of a million stars The darkness will always be a part of my heart Until I'm carried away by the winter's arms Night is falling over my home The land of snow and sorrow, oh carry me away from the cold And I fall asleep and I will not be afraid All I was, is gone now and sorrow is all I feel
Time Darkness and frost are starting to reach The heart of this land with a cold disease Sleep now for a while before the storm awakes And one day it will reward you for the burden of wait The roots go deep into the frozen dead ground Listen to the land of snow, it makes no sound For ages searching the warmth of the sun If it never finds me, I can die as one Time will go on and we are drifting away in the night I've been searching so long, but I will find you even if it takes my whole life But tonight I feel so alone and I know that you are forever gone Oh time, don´t fade away when I need you here, oh please don´t leave me now TIME! Time! Fades away! When time fades away! And I'll never be the same Time! Time! Time! Time! You want so much from me - I feel nothing but grief and despair How can I make you feel again - All my dreams are just visions I can't bear You want something that I can't give - I cannot keep living in this bitter dream And I don't care anymore It feels like my life is ending Oh, another year gone by But nothing has changed in my life And time goes on forever and ever And it waits for no one Time fades away And I fade away And I'll never be the same TIME! Fades away! When time fades away! And I'll never feel the same And I fade away! When time fades away! And I'll never feel the same



● MASTER FILES (24-bit, 44.1kHz wav), the ultimate listening experience!
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● Includes a PDF album booklet
● The absolute BEST version of Wintersun's epic album TIME I
● Each track is separate, so the album is not continuous like the original (except Darkness and Frost & Time are together as one track)
● Remastered by Jari Mäenpää

Mastering refinements from the original album:

● Drums & rhythm guitars slightly louder with little EQ polish
● Bass tighter and deeper
● Some upper mid frequencies' harshness refined from the overall master
● Better, snappier, punchier master bus compression
● Overall loudness about the same as Metallica's "Black Album"
● Other additional magical tweaks for orchestrations and vocals


released July 21, 2017

Jari Mäenpää - Vocals, Guitar, Computer
Teemu Mäntysaari - Guitar
Jukka Koskinen - Bass
Kai Hahto - Drums

Drums, bass & rhythm guitars recorded at Sonic Pump Studios
Vocals recorded in various rehearsal places in Helsinki
Melody guitars & solos, acoustic guitars recorded at Jari's home studio
Orchestrations & synths programmed at Jari's home studio

Produced by Jari Mäenpää
Drums produced by Nino Laurenne, Kai Hahto and Jari Mäenpää
Bass produced by Nino Laurenne, Jukka Koskinen and Jari Mäenpää
Guitars produced by Jari Mäenpää and Teemu Mäntysaari

All music and lyrics written by Jari Mäenpää

Mixed and remastered by Jari Mäenpää

Special choir in 'Sons of Winter and Stars' 2nd chorus by Mathias Nygård, Olli Vänskä, Jukka-Pekka Miettinen, Markus Toivonen, Sami Hinkka, Heri Joensen, Mikko Salovaara, Teemu Mäntysaari and Jukka Koskinen

Additional growling vocals in 'Sons of Winter and Stars' and 'Time' by Jukka Koskinen and Alpha Valtias

Cover & artwork by Cameron Gray
Wintersun logo by Ritual
Photos by Nana Simelius


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Wintersun Helsinki, Finland

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