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Wintersun 2​.​0

by Wintersun

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inderkontrolle thumbnail
inderkontrolle Wow! Where do I even start? More amazing tracks on this one album than many bands have in an entire discography! I was slow to "get" Wintersun and what Jari was doing...but I awoke one night with Beyond the Dark Sun in my head, from listening many weeks before, and have not stopped listening to this and Time 1.5 ever since. I'm speechless! Favorite track: Beyond the Dark Sun.
Philipp thumbnail
Philipp I saw WINTERSUN in Ludwigsburg/2005 as well as in Stuttgart/2006 and I've been listening to their music since then - simply amazing! Favorite track: Sleeping Stars.
Riff of Metal
Riff of Metal thumbnail
Riff of Metal Support the projects, This is an example, that good music an excellent album, support it. Favorite track: Beyond the Dark Sun.
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Intro 02:35
Winter Madness Divine creations now destroyed to uncover the haunted atmosphere Strange visions of the ancient spirits, travesty of man appears Coldness and the storming winds lurking for prey The forces of the Winter reign in dreadful way, there's no escape I'm following the mistress of night Through the gates of snow we'll fly We'll fly Winter - The realm of eternal ice Snowfall and darkness descends upon the vales of time Distant caress of the sun's fading light The lands were painted white with the Winter's might My hands are frozen, my mind is at the edge of madness Oh how many nights and days, I've been lost in this land of sadness From the primitive thoughts, under the glimmering snow and burning stones - they'll rise - The artful spirit: "You don't have to die, you can rule in afterlife, just concede your soul to me, (your life is cheap) - no price -"
Beyond the Dark Sun ...For years I have traveled in coldness, but my heart is warm as the darkened sun above me... Nothing can never take away what I've seen with these tired eyes Face of the weeping night and the shade of the fading light The dawn will never rise again for my eyes and I will never sleep again I've lost my hope time after time ´cause the light has vanished from the sky Now when the darkness has become part of me I got to let my shadows free ´cause I never looked behind, I never tried to find something that could have made me one Now when the sorrow has taken control of me I got to let my shadows free ´cause I never looked behind, I never tried to find something that could have made me one something that I could reach the Sun
Sleeping Stars Oh sleeping stars, why are you so sad tonight Oh sleeping stars, will you shine for me tonight Oh sleeping stars Can you see them float in the night sky Can you hear those echoes of their sweet cries, creating a tune Can you see them shine so bright Can you feel their loneliness through their cold light, touching you My eyes feel so heavy when the stars are calling me - Join with us eternally - I'm falling in deep trance and my powers are weakening I'm falling in a world between dreams and reality I am now alone in the silent light and there's nothing but darkness around me Deeper into unknown the strange light is guiding me Wake me until it's too late Suddenly I feel a warmth go through my body But I feel that a part of me has died, I sense the change in me I must have been away so long so please stay with me for a while
Battle Against Time ...I'm sailing away to undiscovered seas... I see a golden light shining far away I can't tell if I'll make it there someday I reach my hands, but there's no one on my path I can't sleep, 'cause my body is burning Cold sweat, cannot breath, I'm losing my mind Reflection in the mirror shows a different man at night And as hours and seconds pass by I feel my every feeling wither and die Do I really feel this pain ´cause sometimes I can't tell if I'm awake Watching to the night, the hope is gone Carrying so much burden in my heart Watching to the night with tired eyes Waiting for nothing all my life Battle against time I... battle against time I am covered with cold ice, I am flying in the black skies Fighting everyday, but it feels like, it's just the same Oh time... you cut my heart and soul you carve my will and passion of life 'cause the days of emptiness are piercing through me like arrows I feel nothing, but hate and love So much fire inside, so much left undone Hate&Love ...I'm sailing away and nothing will ever be the same...
Death and the Healing A windstorm dropped a bird from the sky It fell to the ground and it's wings broke and died But when the time got by, back to sky it flies 'cause the wings healed in time and the bird was I Time is the death and the healing Take your last breath, 'cause death is deceiving Time is the past, now and tomorrow Days fly so fast and it leaves me so hollow A snowstorm blew inside a wolf's eyes and the frozen tears covered all the mountainsides But then the time got by and the wolf died and someday that wolf would be I
Starchild 07:55
Starchild Part I (Wanderer of Time) So mysterious is your world, concealed beyond the stars Far away from the earth, It flows one with time and dark as the night Million shapes and colours are storming inside your mind Creating endless dimensions Forming universes without walls Let go! of the stars, the stars that fell into the sea Let go! of your thoughts and dreams, what can you see now You cannot save them anymore -Wanderer of time- It's too late now -Creator of Dimensions- Destroy the walls of time Hands of the blind are holding your fate Tides of life will take you away, will take you away Starchild! Visions are born from the unknown force It dominates the way of time The dream only ends, when the worlds come to an end Starchild! You cannot escape to the dark streams of the sea, to suppress your dreams Nothing can keep you away from the need to create 'cause your path is free... Part II (Burning Star) I've hold the fire within myself Years I've walked in the coldest winds Through the deserts of sand and snow The time is passing and I know that I'm wasting my life, destroying my dreams I'm diving into the bottomless sea From sorrow and pain I find my strength the more pain I feel, the more I see Now I'm watching my life flowing in the dark like streams of fear running through my heart And it's wearing me down until I'm gone Soon I'll join the endless whirls of stars And I fall! deeper into the unknown voids -Something is dying, yet something is born- And I fall! into infinity like a burning star -when will I find my silent dawn- I fall like a burning star! Part III (The Creation) The curtains of mist are fading and the veils of star clouds are revealed Storms of new energy flows in the depths of my mind New constellations are born in total harmony of perfection And the dissonant unbalance was broken as the colours fell straight from the light Part IV (The Sea of Stars) I'm floating in the sea of stars, I'm drifting away from the shore I will be lost in the dream when the dark days come But I will make the time run backwards and I'll make the stars shine again I will light up the sky to a bright crimson nights ...And they'll shine together forever With brilliant silver colours they'll shine forever Part V (Finale) The whirls of stars takes you now far away away from the cold nightmare Let go of your thoughts and dreams and you will feel the warmth once again Starchild! in the Sea of Stars you fall You fall like a burning star! Starchild! in the Sea of Stars you fall ...But there is no end to creation
Beautiful Death My face turned pale before the cold eyes of death My body was frozen by the stare from the dark I don't want to think of anything, but there's storm of thoughts in my head I wasn't prepared for this, 'cause I'm not ready to die Nothing could have prepared me for this Nothing but blood so red and deceased Nothing but pain, I fall on my knees Tormenting demons, I suffer and bleed Only way out is through window of dreams The rain whips the lonely and crushed soul The dark clouds are closing fast, the wind is blowing the colours of life away The growing shadow will darken my dreams, and with the fire inside me it feeds I'll be screaming in the stars when it's over Storms are raging on the path to home, once so silent and calm the desperate glare of the dark light is cast on the fallen one And when the illusions sigh no more, the journey to new dream will carry on 'cause life is just a beautiful death Life turns a new and strange page They will try to take everything away from me You'll never know the future Save me from the rain Tell me what matters in life, if anything I'm struggling with sickness They will try to take everything away from me Are you trying to hide from the end Save me from the rain Save me from the end `Cause life will always be withering away from us I want to be alone with you And I'll give my heart to you, before I go 'cause life is just a beautiful, beautiful death
Sadness and Hate Sad night, the weeper of starwind sky Take me where the shimmering lights are fading out Through the shadows of hate and through the fires of grace I followed the voice in the night, beautiful as black sky, but nothing I found My thoughts are captured by the magical chants of the spirits, but I cannot see them with these dead eyes Lost I am in these dismal streams Lost I am forever in my life The snow is falling on the withering leaves, I am left in the cold The shadows are crying in the moonlight Is this night the last of my life Have we arrived from our journey, I must ask you now At last I can cry, 'cause these sad words are calling me tonight My eyes bleed for you my star, my pride and the love of my heart But why did you had to fly so far, I raged and it tore me apart I promise to you with sadness and hate wherever I might go, you will know... I give my life to the withering leaves to the bleeding moonlight to the crying shadows I GIVE MY LIFE TO YOU



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● Includes an enhanced PDF album booklet
● The absolute BEST version of Wintersun's historic debut album!
● Includes the original colossal Winter Madness Intro
● New track order: Album starts with the Winter Madness Intro followed by Winter Madness and Beyond the Dark Sun. The way it was originally meant to be!
● Remastered by Jari Mäenpää

Mastering refinements from the original album:

● Bigger, clearer, punchier sound
● Bass tighter and deeper
● Treble frequencies more clear and pleasing to the ear, no "dirty frequencies"
● Drums more audible and powerful
● More dynamics, not too much limiting and compression, "anti loudness war version"


released July 21, 2017

Drums by Kai "the grinder" Hahto
Everything else by Jari Mäenpää

Drums recorded at Tico Tico Studios in January 2004 by Ahti Kortelainen
Everything else recorded at Sundi Coop Studios in April by Tuomo Valtonen
Mixed at Sonic Pump Studios in May by Nino Laurenne
Mastered at Finnvox Studios in May by Mika Jussila

Produced by Jari Mäenpää
All music and lyrics written by Jari Mäenpää

Cover art by Kristian Wåhlin
Booklet design by Helgorth
Wintersun logo by Tuomas "RITUAL" Tahvanainen
Photos by Marjo Koivumäki


all rights reserved



Wintersun Helsinki, Finland

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